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Skeleton Flower

(current) Skeleton Flower is a fantastical, semi-autobiographical exploration of a creative person’s struggle with depression, identity and and the awakening of feminine power where healing and transformation are fueled by the secret medicine of fairy tales. The work is a storytelling ritual performance that combines live music and song, visceral solo dance, virtual reality technology and audience interaction. Skeleton Flower had its world premiere in March of 2019. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


Skeleton Flower Band

(current) Skeleton Flower’s “debut” album is a musical collection filled with gritty honesty, wild imagination, a generous sense of humor, and unleashed artistic expression. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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Symbiosis - a special collaboration

(current) Symbiosis is a special collaboration between the directors of Degenerate Art Ensemble Haruko Crow Nishimura with visual and performance artist Senga Nengudi and musican / performer Eddy Kwon. The work is an ongoing project currently under development at Colorado College.


Georgetown Steam Plant Concert and Installation

(2017) In collaboration with sound artist Robb Kunz Degenerate Art Ensemble performed a concert and sound installation in the historic Georgetown Steam Plant.


Predator Songstress

(2014-2015) Predator Songstress is an intensely visual, music-driven fantastical tale that traces the struggle of an anti-heroine in search of the reclamation of her stolen voice. This modern day fairy tale explores what it means to have a voice, to lose ones voice and to rediscover it with a new understanding of its power. The work is set in a world where the tools often used by the powerful to stifle and control are re-appropriated as means for individual realization.  The work premiered at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.  CLICK FOR MORE...


Uz Jsme Doma Collaboration

(2015-present )Degenerate Art Ensemble's Joshua Kohl collaborated with Czech rock legends Uz Jsme Doma to reimagine the band's 30 years of music as an orchestral suite.  Kohl's orchestral arrangements explored the band's complex work and included the band as well as the voice of DAE's Crow Nishimura.  The work was performed with the South Bohemian Philharmonic in Prague in December of 2016.

Warrior with Kronos Quartet

(2013) As part of their 40th anniversary concert, Kronos Quartet group worked with Degenerate Art Ensemble performing DAE composer Joshua Kohl's composition Warrior along with the dance by DAE's Haruko Crow Nishimura.



(2012) Degenerate Art Ensemble's Underbelly took place in spaces around the Seattle Space Needle never intended to be seen by the public.  Underbelly was a 4 part site transforming journey bringing the public to various locations around the Seattle Center as part of celebration marking the 50th anniversary of the 1962 World's Fair for which the Space Needle and the numerous public spaces and cultural facilities were constructed.  Historically, World's Fairs were designed to project a vision of the future. These "predictions" were seldom accurate. Underbelly was offered a chance to reconsider that trajectory.


On The Beach

(2012)Degenerate Art Ensemble was commissioned by director Robert Wilson and the Watermill Center a Laboratory for Performance to create their own interpretation of Wilson and Phillip Glass' seminal work Einstein on the Beach. This was the first time ever that Wilson and Glass permitted new interpretations of this work. The production took place at the Baryshnikov Center in New York, and celebrated the 35th anniversary of Einstein on the Beach. 


Red Shoes

(2011) Degenerate Art Ensemble's Red Shoes is a re-imagining of Hans Christian Andersen's tale of a girl who is cursed to dance herself to death for following her creative desires. Degenerate Art Ensemble's interpretation of this beloved fairy tale/ horror story is a rich drama of dreams, passion, discipline, desire, trauma, transformation, and reinvention. Degenerate Art Ensemble's work shows parallels between this story and the struggle to follow one's creative path in contemporary society. A Virtual Reality film based on this project is currently in the works in collaboration with Mechanical Dreams VR.


Museum Exhibition

(2011) The first art exhibition and museum project showcasing Degenerate Art Ensemble was the culmination of a year-long dialogue between Frye Art Museum curator Robin Held and the artists of Degenerate Art Ensemble. The survey of the group's work filled the entire museum, featuring 14 artists and five large scale works inspired by the ambitious all-sensory productions the group is known for creating: a Weeble Wobble princess that battles ninjas, a surgery ice cream truck, a tuning nest in a listening forest, and the Slug Princess that devours cabbages in a microscopic world.


Sonic Tales

(2009) Sonic Tales sets Degenerate Art Ensemble's surrealist dance theater style and hallucinatory visuals against fierce music that ranges from driving rocking rhythm to rich soaring melodies to far out atmospheric soundscapes — telling interwoven short stories in the form of bizarre invented fairy tales. Sonic Tales is both music concert and dance spectacle — video projection and breathtaking costumes enhance this totally one of a kind experience.


Cuckoo Crow

(2005-7) "REDCAT (Roy & Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) is known for pushing the artistic envelope. DAE, however, may turn that push into a full-force kick. Degenerate Art Ensemble treats contemporary performance like a rubber band... always expanding, contracting, snapping, always helping us to listen and look at life with curious dynamics."  



(2003-4) Nymph is a journey into the fantastical mind of a boy with a cast of surreal characters and terrifying rituals. 


Dreams from Wounded Mouth

(2001-2) Dreams from Wounded Mouth takes place in an oppressive kingdom and follows the rise of a girl with supernatural powers.



(1999)The first performance as Degenerate Art Ensemble was inspired by the brutal killing of an Asian American youth in Olympia, Washington.  



(1997 & 2014) First performed for a crowd of 10,000 Degenerate Art Ensemble's score to Fritz Lang's 1937 classic Metropolis is a big band orchestra epic.