Sonic Tales


Project Description: 

Sonic Tales sets Degenerate Art Ensemble's surrealist dance theater style and hallucinatory visuals against fierce music that ranges from driving rocking rhythm to rich soaring melodies to far out atmospheric soundscapes — telling interwoven short stories in the form of bizarre invented fairy tales. Sonic Tales is both music concert and dance spectacle — video projection and breathtaking costumes enhance this totally one of a kind experience.

Aesthetically extreme, influenced by punk, protest, cartoons, ghost stories and nightmares, Degenerate Art Ensemble takes the viewer into otherworldly landscapes — full of compelling characters and music that doesn't just accompany the action, but defines the mental state and reveals secrets to the audience that the characters on stage will never know.

Sonic Tales resembles a modern fairy tale — exploring the inner workings of a mind and the varied characters that inhabit it. An appetite girl, a ninja-battling weeble wobble princess, and a slug princess people this surreal dreamscape.