Skeleton Flower / Diphylleia Grayi


Skeleton Flower is a performance that combines rich imagery, live music and song, solo dance and storytelling ritual. This new performance is a semi-autobiographical exploration of a creative person’s struggle with identity, depression and the awakening of personal power. Director Haruko Crow Nishimura draws on her own difficult and at times violent upbringing which led to major breakdowns and years of depression. The work explores how, through creativity, she was able to not only survive, but also share her imagination with others, and transform herself in the process. In Skeleton Flower, Nishimura’s personal story is melded together with three fairy tales in which female protagonists overcame great opposition by putting their creative desires into action. A work  in progress version of Skeleton Flower was performed at the Spotlight USA Festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria presented by American Dance Abroad and the world premiere will take place in the 2018-19 Season in Seattle. In Addition, a virtual reality film of the same title will be released at the same time produced by Zoo Break Productions.


The Skeleton Flower, or Dyphalleia Grayi, is an Asian flower that becomes completely transparent when it rains. In Skeleton Flower we peer through the layers of reality to find the hidden forces that give us power.

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