Welcome to our playground.  This is just stuff we thought we'd share.  Sketches, ideas, cellphone videos, tests, failed attempts, things that never made it into projects, leftovers, B-Sides, spontaneous experiments, stuff we weren't sure where else to post and so on...

Presentation at Creative Captial 2013

Spontaneous teaser video for coming 1Table2Chairs China tour

This is a little spontaneous video we made as part of promotion efforts for our "1T2C" tour in China in late 2015.

Test Footage by Ian Lucero taken during Cornish College Residency rehearsal

Cell Phone Music Video collaboration Joshua Kohl and his mother Judith Kohl

Degenerate Art Ensemble's song Checkersplitter from the album Cuckoo Crow (2007 tellous records - http://www.tellous.net). This video was made on a cell phone camera. It was a collaboration between DAE's Joshua Kohl and his mother - sculptor Judith Kohl. 

Cell Phone music video made in Berlin, Germany 2002

Degenerate Art Ensemble's "Dreams From Wounded Mouth" filmed on cel phone video in Berlin at Zionkirche and Seattle 2007. 

Full Lecture by Haruko Crow Nishimura and Joshua Kohl at University of Michigan

Full Lecture at the University of Michigan Penny Stamps Lecture Series in Feb 2014.

Hand Painted Animation segment from 2012 Underbelly

An early animation test from Underbelly. Animation by Haruko Nishimura, Romson Bustillo and Reilly Sinanan.

Degenerate Art Ensemble Band from 2006 in San Francisco (fan footage)

AT THE HEMLOCK TAVERN 10-11-06. Shot by Kevin Brown.  For some reason this OLD video from way back in 2006 has gotten lotsa hits.