Skeleton Flower (current touring work)

Skeleton Flower is a performance of Degenerate Art Ensemble’s signature style of live music, visceral movement and dance, projected cinematic imagery and storytelling ritual. This new performance is a semi-autobiographical exploration of a creative person’s struggle with identity, depression and the awakening of personal power. As with all of Degenerate Art Ensemble’s work, Skeleton Flower is told with gritty honesty, wild imagination and a generous sense of humor. Director Haruko Crow Nishimura draws on her own difficult and at times violent upbringing which led to major breakdowns and years of depression. The work explores how, through creativity, she was able to not only survive, but also share the fruits of her imagination with others, and transform herself in the process. The piece also deals with the painful and tangled karma that is passed down to us over generations and how we can find ways to untangle that karma and choose our own path for our own lives. Skeleton Flower premiered in Seattle in March of 2019 and is available for tour from the beginning of 2020.

Performance and video stills

Full length video of Skeleton Flower as performed at its premiere in Seattle in March 2019

 Skeleton Flower Basic Specifications


Stage Size: 40’W x 30’D

A fixed ceiling grid OR battons that can be secured (without swinging) for screen track


Lighting board with minimum of 48 channels


Sound board with minimum of 16 channels


1 Full HD Projector, 5k lumens or greater for "Cinema" projection.

2 7K or larger Projectors with appropriate Lenses to fill when combined the full width of the stage area at center stage.


1 musician

1 dancer


2 stage hands

1 stage manager

1 video designer / operator

1 lighting technician

1 audio engineer