DAE's Haruko Crow Nishimura and Joshua Kohl will be part of a panel discussion at Seattle's Project Room.

September 23, 7-8:30pm at The Project Room

with Special Guests: Writers Kelley Eskridge & Nicola Griffith; Haruko Nishimura & Joshua Kohl (Degenerate Art Ensemble); Gretta Harley & Sarah Rudinoff (We Are Golden)

What does it take for a two-person partnership to succeed?

In response to this question, TPR presents a collaboration workshop by author Joshua Wolf Shenk. Joshua will present the ideas in his new book POWERS OF TWO and engage participants in thinking about and identifying the beneficial partnerships in their lives using the research he conducted for the book. This is aimed at the general public, with an emphasis on those who work in pairs and would like to learn more about Joshua's research and its impact on creativity and success.