Metropolis - revival of our 1997 orchestral score


Degenerate Art Ensemble was born out of The Young Composers Collective in 1999 a big band performance art garage orchestra.  Among many projects the Collective generated was an original orchestral score to Frit'z Lang's German Expressionist masterpiece Metropolis.  The work was premiered in 1997 to a audience of 10,000 people in Seattle's Gasworks Park Outdoor Cinema.  Degenerate Art Ensemble resurrected the score and added an additional hour of music to the now two and a half hour work and performed it to a packed house of 2,100 fans at the beautiful and historic Paramount Theatre on March 2nd 2015.  The work was composed by Joshua Kohl, Haruko Crow Nishimura, Kevin Nortness, Ian Rashkin, Troy Swanson and Timothy Young.