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In rehearsal with Kronos Quartet

(by Joshua)  I have to confess to have been very nervous to go into rehearsal with Kronos playing my music on Friday.  They have been my heroes for decades, and to have them in the room at the service of my score was pretty overwhelming and humbling.  But the nerves went away after about 5 minutes into the three hour rehearsal.  Their generosity, laser focus, clarity, alertness and humility set me immediately to the task of realizing what I had set out to achieve with this piece of music.  With Kronos, not a single second was wasted.  Literally.  David H's intensity made everything move forward so quickly, and the gentle and generous nature of John and Hank was extremely warming - as if they were holding out their hearts. There was nothing extra, just a full dedication to the music in the moment.  Each of them lend such a clear vision and selfless communication to their work.  John said to me at the after party, that at some point they realized that when we (the general we) find ourselves insisting on doing things a particular way - a down bow for example - most of the time, we are stuck to this idea because it is easiest for us.  But that if we make a habit of trying things other peoples way - or the hard way - we discover much more and find even much better ways of doing things.  So I come out of this magnificent experience inspired to bring this perspective of efficiency, generosity, focus and dedication to all of my rehearsals in the future.  Thank you to everyone who came and worked on this project and to everyone who came to witness it.

photos by Bruce Tom